Tree lighting

Why install tree lighting?

Highlight the trees in your garden with Authentage tree lighting

If you want to put an extra spotlight on trees in your garden, then it is a good idea to provide tree lighting. Lighting a tree provides a striking accent and creates a fairy-like atmosphere during evening fall, the time when it begins to dusk outside. On the other hand, tree lighting is also nice when you are looking out from inside. Through the window, you then have a beautiful view of your garden and the unique structure of the trees all year round. So thanks to tree lighting, you connect the interior and exterior of your home.

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Spotlights are ideal as tree lighting

To properly illuminate trees, it is best to work with spotlights. A spotlight that you aim correctly will illuminate the entire trunk and crown of the tree or illuminate a specific part of the branch system.

What types of tree lighting can Authentage offer you?

The Micro on Pin from Authentage is an outdoor spotlight that gives your trees in the garden the lustre they need. The fixture is shaped like a chalice, with the light source recessed. This ensures that you can aim the spotlight perfectly and avoid the light blinding you. Furthermore, as the name suggests, the Micro on Pin is placed on a pin. This allows you to easily change its position if you want. A handy feature, as the shrubs, trees and plants in your garden change throughout the year. In addition, the Micro on Pin is also equipped with a plug. Moreover, because you can aim the head of the spotlight, it is possible to use this spotlight to illuminate small or large trees.

The Macro on Spike is the larger version of the Micro on pin. Here you can achieve larger light beams and brightness levels. Illuminate from close up or place the spotlight on a tree from afar, it's all possible with these fixtures designed in Belgium.

In addition to the Micro on pin and the Macro on Spike, Authentage also offers the Macro Power Projector on Spike. This one is even bigger and is ideal for lighting large areas and large park trees. Ideal, for example, if you want to illuminate a tree in the distance in a large garden as a landmark.

Tree lighting that withstands wind and weather

Tree lighting, like all garden lighting, must be corrosion resistant. This makes it resistant to all weather conditions. In this regard, Authentage's products are made of brass. The bronze-colored version, the most sold shade, is treated against weather changes, but at the same time the product will age beautifully outside. This allows it to take on a slightly more greenish or bluish shine over time, giving the fixture an even more authentic look.

Check out the range of tree lighting at Authentage

Tree lighting such as the Micro on Pin or the Macro on Spike is handcrafted just like all lighting from Authentage. We make timeless, quality materials and combine it with the latest lighting technology. Lighting for a tree is aesthetic and adds value to your garden. Check out the selection today!